Paulo Raposeiro

paulo raposeiro

Sea Operation Coordinator

Paulo Duarte Raposeiro, 31 years old, Port and Coastal Engineering investigator

At 9 years old, does his firsts upwinds and chooses the sea, the wind, the waves.
Starts – the Big Adventure – sailing, races in high competition, assumes the challenge of coaching and, more recently, of organizing regattas and nautical events.
Approaches Kitesurf, in 2003, as a new experience, explosive feeling, an even stronger and challenging way to conquer the sea, on a board with just a kite.

At age 12, he already raced against Francisco in the Optimist class and, later, they found themselves together kitesurfing in Carcavelos beach (near Lisbon) enjoying the mythic “Suladas” (strong south winter wind). After, the championships came and the desire to test new limits: kitesurf downwinds, night sessions and traveling to Venezuela, Brasil, Spain and Mozambique in a constant pursuit of strong wind and breath taking new spots.

Being part of the team in this latest adventure will be a new challenge of the “Big Adventure”, once again conquering the sea, wind and waves.

Paulo and Francisco have overcome together many great adventures and dangers, both sailing and kitesurfing, and the mutual experience that they have gathered along the years allows them to be perfectly tuned, with the highest level of trust in each other to attempt new challenges like this one.

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