Bárbara Cancela de Abreu

Bárbara Cancela de Abreu

Sports Nutritionist

Bárbara is a former top-level athlete that is now fully dedicated to her professional career as a sports nutritionist. Due to the extreme effort that Francisco will be submitted for 24 to 30 hours or even more, a specific nutrition plan was created and has to be followed carefully.

Bárbara is responsable for the nutrition plan creation and update while the training evolves, after researching other challenges that can be compared to this one in some way.

Everything that Francisco will eat during the challenge hours is very well thought and tested with Bárbara, to achieve the maximum energy at the right times and increase the probability of success.

Bárbara supports Francisco on behalf of Saúde ao Quadrado

Thank you Bárbara!

More info at Bárbara’s facebook page

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