In order to complement our team’s work, we partnered with the best players in each specific field required for the challenge.

Physical preparation


Saúde ao Quadrado – Physiotherapy, Psycology and other Therapies

Project in the health area that contibutes to the promotion of the well being and quality of life improvement, by giving a personalised and high quality response.


Holmes Place – Ginásio, Clube Nutrição e Spa

Holmes Place supports Francisco through its several and highly considered Clubs, which allows a continuous pool and gym training anywhere in Portugal.

Photography and Video Coverage


Ricardo Pinto Photography

Professional water sports photographer Ricardo Pinto supports this challenge with all kind of images from tainning off and at sea.


Cardeli Photography

Professional photographer Carlos Delicado supports this challenge by going aboard the support boat during the 24h of the challenge. Carlos has an extraordinary experience in kitesurf photos since he has been several times the official photographer of many world kitesurf championships.


Diogo Moreira Photography

Professional photographer Diogo Moreira is from Aveiro and also does kitesurf, which gives him the knowledge to get very nice shots from Francisco while training in the north of Portugal.

Logistics and operation


Douro Marina

Located at the Douro river entrance, Douro Marina is part of the Odyssey from the start and gives a great support in terms of logistics from training to the big day.


Marina de Lagos

Located at the end of the course, Marina de Lagos will be fully prepared for Francisco’s and the team arrival to the finish in Lagos, after more than enough hours at sea.


Hydrographic Institute

The Portuguese Navy’s Hydrographic Institute has honored us by helping the team with their accurate weather forecasts that will allow us to predict the best dates to attempt this Odyssey.


Fidelidade Insurances

Fidelidade is our official insurance company. They make sure that in case of an accident of any kind, we are covered and will get all the necessary care. They also have a special insurance for extreme sports like kitesurfing, which normally are excluded from all policies, hooray!



Ozone Kites

The kite chosen for this Odyssey is the Ozone Edge 13m due to its great wind range and high performance features specially designed for top level kitesurf races. This kite has a special race bar that allows to adjust the power generation depending on the wind conditions that will vary a lot in such a big time interval that Francisco will have to go through.



Eolis is the school and place to go if you want to kite in the Algarve/ south of Portugal. Located at Cabanas de Tavira beach, receiving all winds coming from the South, it’s the perfect spot to have those sessions that you’ll never forget. Eolis is also an Ozone dealer for Portugal.



DND is the technical store where the team goes to get special equipment for the Odyssey and training. Located at Belém, near the docks, it has everything that is needed for sailing, navigation, communications and much more. Lot’s of products for kitesurf customizations can be found there as well.


Fórmula G

Located in Cascais, near the famous beach of Guincho, Fórmula G is one of the top companies when it comes to printing and decorating sports gear like cars, kites, boards, boats, shirts, pants, etc. Whatever you need to customize with your branding, Fórmula G will do it perfectly.


Adidas Eyewear

Adidas Eyewear developed special sunglasses for watersports. The model is called “Sailing Pro” and its unique characteristics allow to comfortably navigate even with water splashes.

Media Partners


LX Sailing

LX Sailing is the leading Portuguese blog about sailing news from all around the world. Just a few seconds after the action, you can hear about it from Rodrigo at the LX Sailing facebook page.


Cidade FM

Cidade FM is one of the leading radio stations in Portugal and will cover the event very closely with hourly updates to the whole country.



CISION is the leading clipping company and helps us to gather the news that go out about the Odyssey in order to calculate the ROI (return on investment) for our sponsors.