MINI Kitesurf Odyssey starts today at 1 pm (GMT)!


The Odyssey begins!

Today, at 1 pm (GMT), Francisco Lufinha will embark on an adventure to set a new World Record.




Over 24 hours nonstop from Foz do Douro (Porto) to Lagos in a distance of nearly 300 nautical miles:

  • Departure: Douro Marina / Foz do Douro – 1 pm GMT
  • Aveiro (30nm) – Departure + 2h (ETA: 3 pm)
  • Peniche (110nm) – Departure + 8h (ETA: 9 pm)
  • Raso (150nm) – Departure + 11h (ETA: 0 am)
  • World Record (199nm) – Departure + 16h (ETA: 5 am)
  • Sagres (260nm) – Departure + 24h (ETA: 1 pm)
  • Arrival: Marina de Lagos / Lagos – (290nm) – Departure + 27h (ETA: 4 pm)

In Cabo Raso (Cascais) by 11 pm (GMT) there will be fireworks, some t-shirts MINI Kitesurf Odyssey to offer and more importantly you can see Francisco Lufinha and support him live through a VHF radio link that will be established with him. Come and support Francisco!

If you can not show up, keep posted through the facebook page MINI Kitesurf Odyssey: