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Kitesurf Odyssey 2017 Documentary

Kitesurf Odyssey [2019]

This documentary tells the full story about the extreme challenge to cross the Atlantic between the Azores islands and mainland Portugal in Sep 2017. Facing a big list of obstacles, the team of 9 struggled against the wind, rode blind at night and never stopped trying to get to the finish. 
Watch the full movie at Vimeo free of charge :)

Azores Outdoor Stories

Azores Outdoor Stories (2019)

Azores Outdoor Stories show how authentic a visit to the Azores Islands can still be, surrounded by the never ending Nature activities and scenario of the Archipelago.

Kitesurf Odyssey 2015 Documentary

Kitesurf Odyssey [2015] - Madeira

Exclusive images captured in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, during the 48 hours that the kitesurfer stood on top of his board, as well as the entire odyssey preparation.

Kitesurf Odyssey 2013 Documentary

Kitesurf Odyssey [2013] - Mainland

This 30 min documentary is the first one about the Kitesurf Odyssey project - Oporto to Lagos - and shows the preparation of this pioneer challenge.